HPV Type 16 In Men Sources Of Infection, Symptoms And Treatment

Human papillomavirus (Human papillomavirus, HPV, HPV) – a type of DNA-containing viruses, belong to the papovirus family. Intracellular parasites not only lead to the development of benign skin formations (warts, papillomas, warts), but also have a pronounced oncogenic activity. Papillomavirus infection is the source of many troubles, ranging from aesthetic to the threat of degeneration into a malignant tumor.

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Vitamins For Testosterone Enhancement

Few of us regularly receive all the necessary vitamins and minerals. But if we want to support blood cells, maintain their ability to transport oxygen, improve the functioning of nerve cells or help the flow of biochemical reactions in the body, including the synthesis of testosterone, then filling the daily need for certain vitamins will help us with this. Continue reading “Vitamins For Testosterone Enhancement” »

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Adrenal Diseases And Their Symptoms

The adrenal glands are small paired glands located above the upper poles of the kidneys. These endocrine organs have a complex structure and perform some functions in the body. In the anatomical structure of the adrenal glands, two parts are distinguished: cerebral and cortical. The inner (cerebral) part produces stress hormones (catecholamines). The cortical part distinguishes several groups of steroids: genital, mineralocorticoids, glucocorticoids. Continue reading “Adrenal Diseases And Their Symptoms” »

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Andropause – Causes And Symptoms Of Hormone Deficiency

The term andropause is used in medicine to refer to age-related transformations of the hormonal background in the stronger sex. The International Society for the Study of the Problems of Older Men (ISSAM) defines this condition as a biochemical syndrome, which is characterized by a decrease in the concentration of androgens and, in some cases, receptor sensitivity to them.

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