Can Impotence (Erectile Dysfunction) Occur After Vasectomy?

Vasectomy – is the surgery, which is used to deprive men of ability to conceive a child. This method of contraception is popular in many countries around the world as the most effective and at the same time safe method. Every healthy representative of the stronger sex is able for fertilization the woman lifelong learning, so it should always be protected in the event when the pregnancy of partner is not desirable. As a rule, the need for an operation such as vasectomy for men occurs between the ages of 35-45 years, after the birth of several children in the family. This surgery is performed on the voluntary consent of patients. After a vasectomy the man will never be able to conceive a child naturally.

The right choice

The UCF says that vasectomy is not a difficult operation, and does not affect potency. Dysfunction can be caused by disturbances in a physical and emotional level. Also, the Association explained that in the course of operation, the surgeon makes a bandage of the ejaculatory ducts, resulting in sperm cannot penetrate into semen during ejaculation. Besides bandages can be carried out and removing the fragment flow. The application of this method leads to complete sterility of men; that is the inability to have heirs (descendants).

Vasectomy for men does not affect sexual function, so has no effect on sexual desire, arousal (erection) and ejaculation. Sperm also maintains its external characteristics; however, there are no sperm cells in the ejaculate.

Does it effects on potency?

But Mayo Clinic states that the operation in the pelvic region can not only aggravate the physical health, but also affect potency. By the way, researchers from IA from the hospital at the university say that the operation should not affect men’s health in this area. Whom to believe – it is not known. The first opinion is supported by the Cleveland Clinic. They claim that the operation has nothing in common with erectile dysfunction, but the facts indicate the contrary. Normally man should have as many erections as his health permits, but not undergoing surgery.

Vasectomy risks

Any operation – is the risk, and the man must understand that this is an invasion to his reproductive system. In addition, it is necessary to take into account other risks:

  • possible bleeding;
  • curvature of the scrotum after surgery;
  • blood stasis;
  • complications.

Cleveland Clinic says that these risks are associated with side effects, but the precise guarantees about their disappearance are not given. It may also have redness, itching, fever – is an infectious disease that occurs after surgery. But it is a matter of aesthetics – the doctors should monitor the quality of the services.

Other risks

As a rule, all risks should be ruled out, but there are other dangers. After surgery, there can be problems with edema; the tumor can occur in the scrotum. It is not cancerous; it is called a “granuloma”. A man may feel pain in the presence of tumor, sensitivity in the genitals increases. The tumor occurs because of leaked sperm from the scrotum to the tissues.

Possible pain syndrome

The UCF says that a man continues to experience an orgasm the same as before. Vasectomy does not affect the quality and strength of orgasm, the operation cannot change the degree of attraction, reduce libido and cut down the activity of the male organ. At the same time, scientists do not exclude cases where the patient is experiencing a painful syndrome. It is a chronic, so it requires constant treatment and prevention of possible subsequent painful urgency. The doctor usually prescribes anti-inflammatory medication.

What about the partner?

Some men are afraid of losing not only potency. They worry that their partner will be thrilled – is a new experience, trust, act duration. The main fear – it is a loss of potency and investigative inability to satisfy a woman. Here to tell – it is impossible to lose potency. After the operation man has the same eruption of semen amount that was before surgery.

Greater concerns

Aside from the main fears behind potency, men are also afraid of other risks that have less chance in the manifestation. We are talking about bleeding, infection. This risk, as erectile dysfunction, is not a side effect, and it does not occur because of the operation.