Men`s infertility is a serious problem

Couples often go to doctors for examination of reproductive function. Problems with conception can occur due to variety of pathological conditions, so without detailed laboratory and instrumental diagnostics it is difficult to determine cause of impaired fertility. If woman doesn`t have disorder of reproduction, man should visit andrologist. This specialist is engaged in detection and treatment of diseases affecting work of male genital organs.

According to epidemiological data, prevalence of infertility among population of different countries varies from 3% to 8%. In men, fertility disorders are less common, but cases of combined infertility should also be taken into account when certain disorders are diagnosed in both partners. Such serious problem extremely negatively affects family well-being and psychological state of people, so patients have high hopes for professionalism of specialists in field of reproductive health. In most cases, infertility is treatable, but in case of serious illnesses, it`s not always possible for doctors to restore function of genital organs.

Pathology in men

Male infertility is disorder of reproductive function, manifested by inability to have offspring. The loss of fertility may be due to deficiency of spermatozoa, changes in chemical properties of ejaculate, structural diseases of genital organs and other pathological conditions. Infertility can also be associated with peculiarities of a man’s lifestyle, since many internal and external factors can affect reproductive function. For example, smoking and frequent drinking can lead to male infertility.

If functions of genitals of both partners aren`t violated, regular sexual relations without contraception for a year lead to conception. Such statistics may also take into account minor disorders that are resolved on their own within a few months. If permanent sex life doesn`t lead to pregnancy in woman, the couple must consult a doctor. Examination of reproductive system of both partners is recommended in one medical center for more accurate selection of therapy.

If you take measures in time and do everything possible to prevent or treat infertility at an early stage, there is a chance that you will completely get rid of this ailment and be able to create full-fledged family. In any case, consultation of experienced doctor will help to understand how to proceed and what should be done in a given situation.