Aggregation Of Sperm In A Spermogram – Causes, Treatment

Sperm aggregation is a pathological process characterized by gluing of male germ cells with subsequent formation of clots. For a spermogram of a healthy man, a similar phenomenon is not characteristic. The reason for contacting a medical specialist is the prolonged inability to conceive a child. If we consider this condition from the point of view of its danger, then the aggregation of spermatozoa leads to the formation of male infertility.

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6 Steps To Prevent Potency In Men

Violation of potency is one of the most painful issues for men. The decline in the quality of sexual relations affects all other areas of life, causing considerable concern. The intense rhythm of life, poor nutrition, bad habits – all this inevitably affects the health of men and threatens the development of erectile dysfunction. Is it possible to avoid this situation? What should every man know about this sensitive issue?

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5 Signals That It’s Time To Cleanse The Body

It seems to you that you are healthy, but life energy seems to flow through your fingers. And every day it seems to be less and less. You feel irritated and tired. Digestive problems and persistent headaches bother you. It seems to you that you just need to get enough sleep on Saturday and Sunday, and everything will return to normal. But the weekend passes, the labor week begins, and all the problems come back again.

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Men`s infertility is a serious problem

Couples often go to doctors for examination of reproductive function. Problems with conception can occur due to variety of pathological conditions, so without detailed laboratory and instrumental diagnostics it is difficult to determine cause of impaired fertility. If woman doesn`t have disorder of reproduction, man should visit andrologist. This specialist is engaged in detection and treatment of diseases affecting work of male genital organs.

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Can Impotence (Erectile Dysfunction) Occur After Vasectomy?

Vasectomy – is the surgery, which is used to deprive men of ability to conceive a child. This method of contraception is popular in many countries around the world as the most effective and at the same time safe method. Every healthy representative of the stronger sex is able for fertilization the woman lifelong learning, so it should always be protected in the event when the pregnancy of partner is not desirable. As a rule, the need for an operation such as vasectomy for men occurs between the ages of 35-45 years, after the birth of several children in the family. This surgery is performed on the voluntary consent of patients. After a vasectomy the man will never be able to conceive a child naturally.

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Why the erection pills is a good choice

Why the erection pills is a good choice

What impotence is? Basically it’s an inability to use the whole power of the sexual activity. But moreover it’s always followed with the feeling weakness, early ejaculation and libido decreasing that effects the whole family. Usually men get depressed, loose self-confidence and get a tone of complexes.

Sometimes people think that impotence comes only with the age and it’s nothing more, but the sign of the body tiredness. And it’s a mistake because any man can actually suffer impotence or its symptoms even in a young age and the men in advanced can even never hear about that.

Why does it appear?

The main reason of the impotence appearing is organic changes of the erectile mechanism that can be caused by the hormonal and psychological problems. The main reasons of the sexual activity loosing are:

  • stresses, pressure and depression;
  • Nerve damaging;
  • Arterial problems like diabetes;
  • Blood circulation disorders;
  • Psychological: unhealthy lifestyle and not enough way of self-caring;
  • Medicinal: drugs taking and the effects of the medical taking.

The main effect that those disorders make is the blood vessel form changing. This effects the elastic possibilities of the blood vessel walls and lead to the problems with the penile blood supply. The walls become too fragile which also leads to some other health problems. To find more information about this fact you can visiting the website

But we are lucky to live in the 21 century as there are many ways to solve this delicate problems now and the most effective one is taking the following pills:


This is some kind of a jelly pill which is easy to chew. The medication is produced in India and has Sildanfil special ingredient that has been always well-known for the erectile disfunction treatment effect. You don’t even need to take it with water and it has a big range of the different tastes such as raspberry, strawberry and pineapple.

The effect of Kamagra will almost fully depend on the stage of the disease. The active component boosts the blood into the blood vessels and and balance the penile blood supply. The Sidanfil starts to work in 15 minutes after you take the medication and can keep the effect for almost 12 hours. You can find Kamagra jelly at website.

Kamagra should be normally taken an hour before you plan the sexual activity. The normal dose is 50mg, while the maximum one is 100mg. Don’t overdose as you are going to have a side effect such as headache, stiffness and rapid heart. The medication is also taken with caution of the chronical diseases and the hard forms of some sicknesses. So before you start taking it you need to go see doctor.


It’s also called Tadaladill and recognized as one of the best erection pills. To have a good effect you need to take a 20 mg pill 30 minutes before you want to have sex. The components push the blood through the veins so you are supplied by the long-term erection. Australian Cialis (link: is the most popular drug to suffer the erectile dysfunction. You will see the effect already in 15 minutes while the effect is durable for 36 hours. To prevent the impotency it’s advised to take no more then 5mg per day.  This drug doesn’t just provoke erection, but also gives puts a new flow into your whole sexual life. A small amount of this drug can be also mixed with the alcohol or fat meal taking moreover even the 75 years old men can easily take it with no side effect.

The compound of the drug is almost fully neutral which means that the side effects are really a rare thing. Only if you have some individual complications you can have headache, thirst or some other small diseases. Cialis doesn’t effect the hormone level and the only restrictions are: brain and heart attack less then half a year ago and liver failure.


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Infertility in Men. Symptoms and Treatment

It is believed that the cause of infertility couples hidden in a woman. This is because man is difficult even suggest that he may be sterile and see a doctor for an examination. But in each of the fifth pair (according to the source the cause of infertility is male.


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